Aluminium Tapes

Aluminium tape is also known as foil tape and it has many uses in different industries such as electrical, construction and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). This tape is flexible and strong with excellent temperature performance. Aluminium foil tape has all the qualities of aluminium but also has an adhesive that is aggressive and long lasting. This self-adhesive tape is ideal for protecting, masking, covering, insulating and repairing in a quick, easy and affordable way.Aluminium Tape is used for:Chemical and Moisture resistance - helps seal and protect many sensitive assemblies and surfacesFlame resistance - strong aluminium tape is ideal for use in a range of demanding high temperatures and environmental conditions and provides superior adhesive performance. It has water vapour resistance and flame retardant properties. Thermal conductivity - maximises efficiency when heating or cooling by increasing the transmission over a broader area. Helps to insulate pipes.Heat and light reflection - helps protect plastic components from heat warpage. Ideal for protecting wires and pipes from heat due to its high temperature resistanceWeather- Polymer coated tape is often used to wrap electrical cables with and gets the name of shielding tape as it both protects the cable from outside elements and keep moisture and odours from contaminating the cord.Applications include:Heating and ventilationConstruction IndustryManufacturingDuct sealingAluminium tape comes in various thicknesses and has different adhesives such as resin, acrylic adhesive, rubber, acrylate and silicone, which all have different tensile strengths.

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Description Price Total Thickness Foil Thickness Width Length Adhesion Strength Adhesive Material Tensile Strength Conductivity Maximum Temperature Resistance Minimum Temperature Resistance Complies with EN Legislation Model Number
RS庫存編號 736-2207
0.07mm 0.04mm 20mm 33m 4.5 N/cm Resin 25N/cm Conductive +155°C - - -
RS庫存編號 736-2204
0.07mm 0.04mm 10mm 33m 4.5 N/cm Resin 25N/cm Conductive +155°C - - -
RS庫存編號 736-2194
0.07mm 0.04mm 8mm 33m 4.5 N/cm Resin 25N/cm Conductive +155°C - - -
RS庫存編號 756-8691
0.07mm 0.035mm 25mm 33m 5 N/cm Acrylate 14N/cm Conductive +85°C -25°C - -