Lane Marking Tapes

Lane marking tapes are robust, adhesive tapes made of PVC or vinyl. A non-corrosive adhesive is applied to the back of the tape during production. These floor marking tapes are scuff, break and chip resistant.

Lane marking tapes can handle heavy foot traffic due to their anti-abrasion features. These tapes are particularly durable and can last for many years.

What are lane marking tapes used for?

Lane marking tapes are used to demarcate floor areas in manufacturing facilities or plant workshops. They can also assist in creating aisle areas or provide directions in retail or food production facilities. Lane marking tape is a key lean manufacturing implementation tool to assist factory workers and provide safety features in plants.

Types of lane marking tapes?

There is a wide variety of lane marking tapes with different features. A range of thicknesses, lengths and colours exist, and some tapes are equipped with glow in the dark or fluorescent features. Some tapes are UV resistant, and most tapes are waterproof. They can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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Description Price Colour Backing Material Width Length Thickness Adhesion Strength Tensile Strength Elongation at Break Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature Adhesive Material Model Number
RS庫存編號 379-0172
製造零件編號TESA4169PV3 YELLOW
Yellow PVC 50mm 33m 0.18mm 1.8 N/cm 30N/cm 200% +105°C 0°C Acrylic Tesa 4169