DC Geared Motors

DC motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy, and the speed of the motor can be changed with variable supply voltage. DC geared motors are a type of DC motor with a gear assembly is attached. This increases the torque and reduces the speed for use in electronic devices that require different speeds.

Types of DC geared motors

DC geared motors can be brushed or brushless. Both of these types of motors use magnets to drive the spinning rotary motion of the motor, but have different applications. Brushed DC geared motors have a lower cost and are often used for applications with simpler control systems. Brushless DC geared motors generally have a longer lifespan as well as greater efficiency, and are frequently used in compressors, fans or pumps.

What can DC geared motors be used for?

You can use DC geared motors in any electronic items that require gears. For example, you could install these motors in electric bikes, golf buggies, and trikes.

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Description Price Output Speed Supply Voltage Maximum Output Torque DC Motor Type Shaft Diameter Power Rating Gearhead Type Length Width Depth Dimensions Current Rating Core Construction Gear Ratio
RS庫存編號 892-9142
8000 (No Load) rpm 3 V dc 30 mNm - 2mm 4.89 W Spur 26mm 15mm 9mm 26 x 15 x 9 mm 180 mA - 49.3