AC Geared Motors

AC geared motors are electrical motors that integrate a gear reducer with an AC (alternating current) electric motor to deliver high torque at low speed or low horsepower. Operating at low speed allows these motors to exert greater power.

What are AC geared motors used for? 

AC geared motors have a broad range of applications and are used in many domestic and industrial devices. These range from small devices such as motors used in toys to large-scale industrial automation processes. Some models are designed to be explosion-proof and can be used in hazardous environments. AC geared motors are often found in heavy duty cranes, commercial jacks or lifters and motorised hospital beds. Unlike AC geared motors, DC geared motors use direct current (DC) as their source of power.

Types of AC geared motors

AC geared motors can be categorized by the type of gearing used and the physical arrangement of the final complete unit. Common types include helical gear motors, worm gear motors and in-line gear motors.

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Description Price AC Motor Type Depth Dimensions Gearhead Type Length Maximum Output Torque Output Speed Phase Power Rating Rotation Shaft Diameter Shaft Length Supply Voltage Width
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Induction 146mm 245 x 159 x 146 mm Double Worm 245mm 11 Nm 9.4 rpm 1 55 W Reversible 15mm 51mm 240 V ac 159mm