Magnetic Proximity Switches

Reed switches are a type of electromagnetic switch which controls the flow of electricity within a circuit. It is composed from at least two ferrous reeds in a small glass casing. Are magnetised and move when a magnetic field is moved towards the switch. Various contact configurations are available SPST (single pole, double throw).

Features and Benefits
• As there is no physical pressure on the switch there is no standard wear and tear.
• No voltage is needed
• All models are reliable and compact
• Glass tubes encasing the reed switches ensures that they are protected from corrosion.

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Description Price Switch Shape Switch Type Pole and Throw Configuration Normal State Configuration Output Type Terminal Type Maximum Current Maximum AC Voltage Maximum DC Voltage Switching Frequency Contact Resistance Total Length Length Depth
RS庫存編號 905-5144
Rectangular Magnetic Proximity SP NO PNP M8 Connector - - 30V 10 kHz - - 32mm 23mm
RS庫存編號 905-5153
Rectangular Magnetic Proximity SP NO - Cable 3 mA 240V 240V 1 kHz - - 33.5mm 5mm