Precision Position Switches

Precision position switches are a type of limit switch designed to determine the position of machinery or a mechanical part with a high degree of accuracy. Limit switches use mechanical action to open or close the contacts of a switch. They consist of an actuator linked to a set of contacts. When something comes interacts with the actuator, the switch works to connect or break the circuit.

What are precision position switches used for?

Precision position switches are generally used to monitor and provide feedback on the movement of machinery. For example, they may detect movement in actuator motors, assist in the positioning of rudders or effectively measure the position of cameras.

Types of precision position switches

Precision position switches have subtle differences in the way they operate, depending on their specific use. They may have different operating parameters, such as the maximum voltage they can be used with, different terminal types and mounting methods, or different housing materials, depending on the setting they need to be used in. Some may also come with an LED display built in.

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