Rotary Switch Accessories

Rotary switch accessories are all the component and additional parts used in the function and extension of rotary switches. Rotary switches work by rotating around a central point, as opposed to being pressed or flipped. By stopping in different actuation positions, they can turn a circuit on or off, or make it increase or decrease in value. 

What are rotary switches used for?

In industrial settings, rotary switches are often used in situations where speed needs to be adjusted, such as on conveyor belts and in fans. They can also adjust the electrical values in some electronic equipment such as oscilloscopes. Rotary switches are also commonly found in equipment such as televisions and radios. However, to some extent they have been replaced by digital equivalents.

Types of rotary switch accessories

There are a range of rotary switch accessories available, but some common types include:

  • key component parts, including the contacts, rotary shaft and head

  • extension accessories, such as an extension shaft

  • mounting accessories, depending on where the switch needs to be placed

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