HMI Accessories

HMI accessories are a wide range of devices used when operating a varied array of machines and equipment. HMI means 'human-machine interface' and refers to gadgets that enable you to get the most out of technology. HMI accessories include everything from cableto memory cards.

Types of HMI accessories

There's an extensive list of HMI accessories that are categorised by application. These applications include locking, mounting, lighting, enclosure or cable-management accessories. HMI accessories have different end uses including electronics, personal computing, prisma or multi-purpose applications. For example, mounting brackets are used for supporting HMI enclosures and are available in various styles, configurations and mounting options to complete the HMI required.

How to choose the right HMI accessories

The HMI accessories you choose will depend on the application you need them for. After establishing the type of accessory you need the different factors to consider when choosing the right accessory include interface, supply voltage, application, cable length, hazardous-area certification and, if relevant to your HMI type, software version.

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RS庫存編號 905-5276
BrandRed Lion
Communication Card G3 - - Crimson 2.0 Control and Laboratory Use, Electrical Equipment For Measurement - DH485, RJ12, RJ45, RS232, RS422, USB G3RS Installation and Connection Hardware Included with Card, Powered and Configured From G3 Operator Interface Terminal -