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RS Components wide range of Contactor Overload Relays protect machinery from overheating, this includes the machine itself and the bearings, gears and coolants as the relay receives the corresponding signal and trips.

Our Contactor Overload Relays come from trusted and well known brands helping us provide quality products for all of our customers needs.

What is a Contactor and Control Overload Relay?

Often referred to as an overload relay, these high quality Contactor Overload Relays offer motor control within a multitude of environments. Designed to help your motor carry on working in a safe environment they give you the peace of mind that you have sufficient motor protection when using electrical motor's. Predominantly designed for imitating the heating prototypes they are a staple for keeping your motors healthy.

Also featured within our range of Contactor Overload Relays are the Thermal Overload Relays. A thermal overload relay is a protective device which cuts the power whenever the motor uses too much current for a long period of time. These devices are directly related to circuit breakers, in design and in application. The difference being that a circuit breaker will disturb the circuit if an overload occurs for just a second, whereas a thermal overload will cut the power after a prolonged period of time.

Applications of a Contactor and Control Overload Relay

The majority of the time is to protect a motor To detect both overload conditions and fault conditions to then announce trip command for a protective device To deactivate a device whenever it pulls high current Sometimes developed into microprocessor systems and solid-state electronics.

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- - LCD 6 1, 3 - - - Yes 48mm - 0.01 % -10°C +50°C