Cage Guards

Cage guards are a type of protective guard typically used in industrial environments to protect lightbulbs and other equipment from damage. Cage guards are an efficient solution to problem areas where lamp breakage would be potentially hazardous to users, products or other equipment.

How do cage guards work?

Cage guards are easy to mount using clamps that are located at the bottom of the cage. Cage guards are typically designed to allow for easy opening and closing of the bottom of the cage to allow easy replacement of a bulb. They surround the bulb and protect it against damage.

Advantages of cage guards

  • Cage guards are able to withstand knocks and bumps, providing excellent protection against accidental damage to the bulb. They can be used to protect infra-red sensors and motion detectors as well as lights, ensuring uninterrupted operation and added safety.
  • Cage guards are easy to mount using a unique clamp located at the bottom of the cage that clips onto the bulb mounting.

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Description Price For Use With Mounting Diameter Cage Height
RS庫存編號 365-9885
826 Series 146mm 162.5mm
RS庫存編號 478-3816
280 Series - -