Power Controllers

What is Power Controller?
A power controller is selection of transmitter power output in a communication system to achieve great performance within the system.

Features and benefits
• Compact DIN rail and bulkhead mounting
• Controls comprehensive range of loads: resistive, infrared, transformer, silicone carbide
• Energy usage measurement
• Advanced load diagnostics
• Reacts quickly to customer needs while maximizing resources
• Whether replacing an existing product or designing new process, the design of power controller has been carefully considered for fast and easy installation, commissioning and integration into wider systems, lowering equipment costs, and manufacturing times
• Cost effective solution for the control of 3 phase loads
• A wide range of alarms can quickly identify a controller detected fault which reduces downtime

Suitable in applications:
• Annealing glass
• Drying glass
• Melting or heating glass
• Plastic and metals for precise heating control

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Description Price Control Type Function Communication Port Type Input Type Power Supply Maximum Current Length Width Height
RS庫存編號 183-3578
製造零件編號GTF-25-480-0-0-0-0 1-B-M
3 Phase Power Controller TTL Port, USB Analogue Input 480 V 25 A 60mm 143mm 136.5mm
RS庫存編號 183-3579
製造零件編號GTF-75-480-0-0-0-0 1-B-M
1 Phase Power Controller TTL Port, USB Analogue Input 480 V 75 A 127mm 143mm 150.5mm