Hour Meters

Hour meters are instruments used to track and record elapsed time, normally displayed in hours and tenths of hours. Most hour meters are used to log the running time of equipment for proper maintenance of devices or machines. Maintenance may involve activities such as changing oil or checking the running condition of engines and motors.

What are hour meters used for?

Typical hour meter applications involve products with electrical motors and equipment with engines. They are mainly used for maintenance such as tracking running time to schedule repairs or monitoring elapsed hours when determining warranty cover.

Types of hour meters

Hour meters can be categorised by data, power, display and shape. They are either AC powered (generally used in equipment that plug into a wall, equipment powered by generators, electric motors and air compressor) or DC powered (generally used on battery operated equipment like airplanes, tractors and trucks). Hour meters can also have electromechanical or Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs). When it comes to shape, they are either round or rectangular. While most meters show hours and tenths of hours some will also show combinations of data such as volts per hour.

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Blade Terminal Digital - Voltage 99999.9 h 60Hz Voltage Auto 117 V ac 6 Up - 0.125 mm CSA Recognised, ISO 9001, UL
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Blade Terminal Digital - Voltage 99999.9 h 60Hz Voltage Auto 24 V ac 6 Up - 0.125 in CSA Recognised, UL
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