Plug-In Time Switches

Plug-in time switches are a timer relay device that plugs directly into a standard wall socket, and provides another socket to plug external equipment into.
How do they work?
Plug-in time switches have a timer that controls a relay to provide power to the output socket. When the timer is set to on power flows through from the wall socket to the device that is plugged into the timer. When the timer is set to off the relay contacts break and stop electricity flowing through to the plugged in device.
Types of Plug-In Timer
Plug-In time switches are available in two main types:
• Digital Timer – This type feature a digital clock mechanism that allow the time to be set at specific times during a 24 hr period. Digital timers often feature a memory that allows for multiple time ranges to be set.
• Mechanical Timer – This type feature mechanical segments that represent a specific time period, typically 15 minute intervals. The segments are depressed at the time the power is to be activated.

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