Battery Charger Mounting Brackets

Battery charger mounting brackets are used to attach modules for recharging batteries to a wall, frame, or other surface. The battery charger can be placed in the mounting bracket, allowing a user to access the battery easily, and enabling them to quickly see its condition and degree of charge from the LED display. They may also provide storage space for accessories such as the cables and battery clips that come with the charger.

What are battery charger mounting brackets used for?

Battery charger mounting brackets are most commonly used when a battery charger has to be easily accessible when needed. They also allow the charger to remain continuously connected, which means that the battery can be used any time.

Types of battery charger mounting brackets

The main way battery charger mounting brackets differ from one another is that they are designed to be used with different types of charger. This may mean that their sizing or composition is slightly different, but they are all broadly similar in functionality.

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