Battery Pack Chargers

Battery pack chargers are modules used to replenish electrical energy in batteries, by pushing an electrical current through them. They can only be used with rechargeable (second cell) batteries, as these are the only type of re-usable battery, and may be fixed via mounting bracketsto a wall or surface, or used loose.

How do battery pack chargers work?

Battery pack chargers force an electrical current through a depleted cell, to replace the energy it has lost. They can work in a number of different ways.

  • simple chargers push a constant current into the battery, not adjusting when the energy is restored
  • trickle chargers continue to replenish the energy of the battery at a low rate when it is fully charged
  • timer based chargers switch off after a given time limit, to preserve the battery

Types of battery pack chargers

Battery pack chargers very mainly in the types of battery they fit. Different batteries have different chemical make-ups, so you will have to choose a charger that is suitable to use with your batteries, whether lithium, NiCd, or NiMH, for example. Some battery chargers are able to charge more than one cell at a time.

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