Camera Batteries

Camera batteries are batteries designed for use with digital cameras. There are rechargeable or disposable batteries, in various sizes to fit a wide range of camera models. Cameras that operate on disposable batteries have the advantage of being able to quickly change power sources, rather than having to connect to an external power source.
There are several top brands represented in the range, ensuring the trust you need when selecting a battery that won’t leak or let you down. The range includes batteries in 6V and 3V versions, and with capacities ranging from 175 mAh to 1700 mAh.
Be sure to check the requirements of your camera model before selecting your camera battery.

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Description Price Capacity Chemistry Dimensions Nominal Voltage Size
RS庫存編號 801-0711
1.7Ah Lithium Manganese Dioxide 16.8 x 34.5mm 3V CR123A