Speciality Size Batteries

Batteries provide a power source to devices by converting chemical energy to electrical energy. Speciality size batteries are batteries of non-standard dimension, and are specially tailored to fit battery-operated devices and equipment that require a power source other than a standard 9-volt, AA, and AAA battery type. Speciality size batteries are usually non rechargeable batteries.

What are speciality size batteries used for?

Speciality size batteries tend to be tailored to specific devices that have been designed to take a non-standard battery, either for reason of size or to accommodate the features of the device. Certain equipment requires a particular size and capacity to ensure it works within correct parameters. For example, half AA batteries are used in smaller and specialist electronic devices such as pulse oximeters, while A27 batteries are used in radio frequency equipment such as remote controls for car alarms.

Types of speciality size batteries

The main way in which speciality batteries differ is their dimension. They may also differ in their voltage, terminal type and their capacity in ampere hours (Ah).

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Description Price Size Chemistry Nominal Voltage Capacity Terminal Type Dimensions
RS庫存編號 717-4010
製造零件編號MN9100 P2 RS
/個 (每包:2個)
N Alkaline 1.5V 825mAh Standard 12 x 30.2mm
RS庫存編號 717-4029
製造零件編號MN21 P2 RS
/個 (每包:2個)
A23 Alkaline 12V 33mAh Standard 28.5 x 10.3