AAA Rechargeable Batteries

AAA Batteries (or Triple A Batteries) are a standard size of battery. A battery features single or multiple cells in one package and they are used as a power source. Rechargeable AAA batteries, or storage batteries, can be charged up multiple times. They are reusable and so you do not need to buy new batteries when they run out. Rechargeable batteries are often more convenient than traditional batteries, but usually more expensive.

Rechargeable AAA batteries can recharge easily in an appropriate charger after they have becomes drained. Rechargeable batteries present not just convenience for the user, but also an opportunity to make a more environmentally friendly choice in power application.
Battery chargers are available for AAA batteries. They work by inserting the batteries into the connectors, and plugging the charger into a power source.

Uses for rechargeable AAA batteries:
• Remote controls
• Digital cameras
• MP3 players
• Battery-powered lights
• Wireless door bells
• Clocks

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Description Price Capacity Brand Range Terminal Type Operating Temperature Range Low Self Discharge Chemistry Nominal Voltage Size
RS庫存編號 708-2361
製造零件編號HR03 P4 PRE RS
/個 (每包:4個)
800mAh Duracell Recharge Ultra Standard 0 → +50°C Yes NiMH 1.2V AAA
RS庫存編號 708-2359
製造零件編號HR03 P4 RS
/個 (每包:4個)
750mAh Duracell Recharge Plus Standard -20 → +50°C Yes NiMH 1.2V AAA