Single Core Microphone Cable

A single core microphone cable is a durable cable that contains a single audio cable inside an outer casing. Single core microphone cables are commonly used to carry individual audio signals, for example from a microphone.

Where is a single core microphone cable used?

Assembled single core cables are found in both portable applications, where they are stored loose or on a cable drum (a spool used to carry different types of electrical wires), or are permanently installed. They are commonly found in use in performance venues, such as recording studios or music festivals.

Construction of a single core microphone cable

  • Core conductor:

    the vast majority of single core microphone cables have a pair of twisted copper wires, suitable for balancing the audio.
  • Core insulation:

    core insulation is used to isolate the single core and the outer screen. One method uses an extruded plastic sheath around the individual core, which reduces background noise.
  • Core screening:

    the cable inside the core is individually screened to reduce crosstalk between cables and reduce any unwanted noise or hum.

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