Cable Marking Kits

Cable marking kits contain different coloured cable markers that are used to label cables and wires. You might find it helpful to organise your wire/cables by labelling them so that you can easily see which one is which. Cable marking kits are ideal for use in on-site electrical installations, services or repairs.

How to fit and use cable markers

Cable markers can be fitted quickly to your wire or cable at any point in the wiring process and without the need for tools. The cable markers are colour coded and feature a range of letters, numbers and symbols for easy labelling.

Different types of cable marking kits

Choose from different types of markers in these cable marking kits:

  • Marking tape dispensers – a compact and robust dispenser that holds self-adhesive tape. To use, you pull the tape out and cut it to your desired length. Compatible refill rolls are available.
  • Clip-on markers – markers with each of the most commonly used characters, numbers or symbols. They feature a locking system equivalent to closed rings. You simply clip them on to your cable or wire.

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Description Price Affixing Method Kit or Accessory Type Kit Includes Quantity Cable Diameter Range Legend Marker Colours Material Series Resistant To Minimum Cable Diameter Maximum Cable Diameter Fire Behaviour Operating Temperature Range
RS庫存編號 170-5071
製造零件編號0 382 03
Clip On - Cable Markers and Applicators 3000 1.5 → 2.5mm 0 → 9 Assorted Polyamide 6.6 CAB 3 - 1.5mm 2.5mm - -
RS庫存編號 170-3378
製造零件編號0 379 99
Slide On - 1 Dispenser Board, 1 Extractor, 2 Selecting Prongs, 20 Label Holders (4 - 16mm), 50 Label Holders (0.25 - 1.5mm), 50 Label Holders (0.75 - 4mm) - 0.25 → 16mm - - - Memocab - 0.25mm 16mm - -
RS庫存編號 373-550
製造零件編號0 382 02
Clip On - Cable Markers and Applicators 3000 0.5 → 1.5mm 0 → 9 White Polyamide 6.6 CAB 3 - 0.5mm 1.5mm - -