Cable Sleeving Tools

Cable sleeving tools are needed to execute the sleeving process.

What are cable sleeving tools used for?

Cable sleeving refers to the additional protection measure added to wires in the form of an outer layer to prevent them from coming into contact with each other, which causes short circuits. Cable sleeves also offer protection against extreme temperatures or liquid spillage, which may cause damage to wires.

Types of cable sleeving tools

Cable sleeving tools include various trimmers, cutters, mesh material loops, plastic cable coatings, pins and pliers:

  • Wire loom assists are most common in home and office environments. The cable sleeving tools required include wire loom tubing and flame retardant materials.
  • Conduit sleeving tools are suitable for larger application wire management where optical-electrical and communication cables need to be routed underground or outside.
  • Braided sleeving tools are used to bundle multiple cables and wires, where the sleeve materials can be made of metal, fibreglass, plastic, Teflon or nylon.
  • Spiral wrapping tools are inserted to control where the wire enters or exits the wrap. The tools used are minimal as the wires are slipped easily between the wrap's coils.

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