Cable Rods

Whether its for construction or domestic Audio Video set up, cable rods are an essential part of electrical cable management. Cable rods typically work by affixing the end of a cable to the rod in order to channel or guide it through a narrow space or hole. For dragging cables through crawl spaces, ceiling ducts and wall cavities and retrieving cables from difficult to reach places, the RS Range of cable rods provide a safe and practical solution.Rods and Rod sets.Cable Rods Sets of non-conductive cable rods available in Nylon or Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) with high quality brass fittings. The secure end fittings are tested to a pull weight of 80kg ensuring safety and reliability. The 1000 mm rods are available in 4 mm, 5 mm and 6 mm diameter in various colours.Cable Rod SetsA range of cable rod sets to suit every cable management application. The sets contain lengths of cable rod, and various attachment accessories all supplied in handy carrying bags.Draw Tapes & Fish TapesDraw tapes or fish tapes are long thin lengths of spring steel or non-conductive plastic supplied in coils or housed in impact resistant cases. Draw tapes work in the same way as cable rods but just provide extra flexibility for routing though conduit, trunking and under floorboards.Accessories Gripper: A standard way of gripping cables onto the cable routing tool, this compression style gripper is designed to fit around many different sizes of cable. Hook end and Rings: These versatile hook and ring heads are not just able to guide cables, but may also be able to retrieve them from places where human hands cant reach. Glider: A whisk-shaped head that attaches to your cable head, allowing you to drag it over abrasive ground without damaging the connector head. Magnet Head: A strong metal magnet is able to latch onto cables or connectors without having to manually affix it. This makes it very useful for retrieving cables from difficult to reach places. Inspection Beam: A small LED torch light that affixes to the cable routing tool. Perfect for inspecting dark crevices where cables may have become lost or tangled.

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RS庫存編號 914-6947
Draw Wire 10m Nylon - -
RS庫存編號 914-6940
Draw Wire 20m Nylon - -