Cable Tray Accessories

Cable trays are components used in the wiring of buildings to support insulated cables. They offer an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems and are necessary for cable management in commercial and industrial construction. Cable tray accessories are the fittings and add-ons accompanying cable tray components.

What are cable tray accessories used for?

A functional tray system consists of various clamping, supporting and splicing accessories. Other add-ons include plastic nuts, bolts, swift clips, wire baskets, couplers, tees, crosses and brackets. These fittings are used in conjunction with cable trays to support cables in ventilation holes, assist with directional change of piping systems, and cable channelling around obstacles.

Types of cable tray accessories 

The type of table tray used determines which cable tray accessories are needed.

  • Solid-bottom trays provides maximum cable protection. Cutters are required to make enter and exit openings.
  • Ventilated trays have openings in the bottom, but may need slots or holes to be punched into the tray for smaller cables. 
  • Ladder trays have support the cables with a traverse bar and require solid cover fittings to protect cables from dust, water and falling objects.

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