Lighting & Electrical Cable

Lighting electrical cable transmits current from mains power to fixtures via fixed wiring that runs through walls and ceilings. These cables have a flat format and house 2-4 cores on the inside.

Flex electrical lighting cables are curved and house 2-3 cores on the interiors. These cables can transmit current to portable lighting appliances via wall sockets.

What is lighting electrical cable used for?

Lighting electrical cable has many domestic, commercial and industrial uses. These cables can be used to wire electricity to ceiling lights or to control lighting in appliances with light fixtures such as microwave lamps or oven lights.

In factories, industrial cables are used to install lighting platforms or for the wiring of emergency lighting applications.

Types of lighting electrical cable

Two main types of lighting electrical cable are available:

  • Three core and earth cables are used for wiring dual way light switches. The cores are coloured with PVC to distinguish between the live wires and the ground (earth) wire for safety reasons.
  • Two core flex cables are used in fittings where an earth wire is not required, for example in portable lamps.

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Description Price Number of Cores Cross Sectional Area Current Rating Cable Type Voltage Rating Sheath Colour Outer Diameter Insulation Material American Wire Gauge Conductor Material Harmonised Code Length Maximum Operating Temperature Minimum Operating Temperature
RS庫存編號 424-0476
毎卷:100 米
2 1.5 mm² 16 A - 500 V White 7.6mm Thermoplastic 15 AWG Annealed Copper H05Z1Z1-F 100m +70°C -15°C