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Power Distribution Accessories

Power distribution accessories are products used in power management applications with power distribution modules in workstations, or machinery and equipment hub stations.

Examples of these accessories include equalisation cables, swivel brackets, connecting leads, electrical sockets and power cord kits.

What are power distribution accessories used for?

Power distribution accessories are used in numerous industries where information technology systems are applied to monitor, control and facilitate workflow or service and manufacturing processes.

Industries with bulk volume workstations like call centres, hospitals, automation facilities and power plants will use these accessories as part of their power distribution and management functions. Large retailers also make use of power distribution accessories to run their interconnected point of sale stations.

Types of power distribution accessories

Many options for power distribution accessories exist. They can be categorised according to the format of the power distribution unit used.

  • Rack unit accessories are used in basic rack, metered rack and switch rack applications. These include cable cords, cord retention brackets and vertical mount bracket kits.
  • Row unit accessories support configurable distribution units in high-density areas. These include modular power accessories like cable extenders and cable splitters.