Cat5 Cable Assemblies

Cat5 cable assemblies are a type of network cable that consist of twisted pairs of copper wires inside a protective covering, most often used to connect devices to the ethernet. This category of cable assembly can provide performance up to 100 Mhz. Cat5 cables are usually not shielded, instead relying on their design to block out interference, such as their differential signalling and the balanced line twisted pairs.

What are cat5 cable assemblies used for?

Cat5 cables are usually used to provide structured network cabling between computers. Most comonly, cat5 cable assemblies are used to connect computers to the ethernet. They are also able to carry telephony and video signals, and may even carry power in addition to the ethernet signal. Many cat5 cable assemblies also meet the standards of cat5e cable assemblies, though they are not certified for this.

Types of cat5 cable assemblies

Cat5 cable assemblies mainly differ in the way they connect. All the connections can have different genders and different types. The cables may also be of different lengths.

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RS庫存編號 882-2303
毎盒:6 個
2.5A 65 V dc, 250 V ac
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毎盒:2 個
300mA 65 V dc, 250 V ac
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毎盒:2 個
2A 65 V dc, 250 V ac