Industrial Phones

Rugged industrial phones are designed to be used in difficult environments that may test the capabilities of the phone to the limitHow do they work?The same way a typical phone line will work, industrial phones are the same capabilities as these. They stand out in their material, design and shaping (depending on use) and are primarily built to withstand damage consistent with harsh working environments.Features and benefits: Weather resistance available in certain models Certified for harsh working environments Vandal resistant handsets and cords (in some models) Hands free options are available Induction loops for hearing impaired are availableWhere might I use one? Building sites Car parks Motorways / Highways Emergency assembly points

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Description Price Model Handsfree/Handset Series Vandal Resistant Full Keypad Number of Keypad Buttons Phone Casing Style Ring Indicator Technology Standard IP Rating Phone Box Material Handset Material Cord Material Keypad Material
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製造零件編號E-30 (HK)
- Handsfree - - Yes 12 Box without Door Audible - IP67 Stainless Steel - - -