Telephone Accessories

Telephone accessories are designed to help set-up or maintain your phone, or provide additional functionality. Whether its adding connectivity, adding audio or improving usability, there’s an accessory for these.

Types of Telephone Accessories:
• Couplers connect two other connection together, for example two telephone plug cords.
• Adapters convert connection types or increase number of connections.
• Cables come with various connectors depending on the application. They are often used to connect to power sources or to add another accessory, such as a headset.
• Base stations are designed to handle phone calls. They often include an answering machine, directories and the ability to add multiple handsets.
• Plugs or connectors are often IDC connectors which provide communication or data transmission.
• Microphones provide an audio output ideal for use in conferencing.
• Wall attachments enable the phone to be mounted to the wall.
• Bells are used in loud environments where you cannot hear a standard ring tone.
• Extension leads
• Extension kits

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