Audio & Video Faceplates

Audio and video faceplates are cabling fixtures attached to a wall to provide easily accessible ports for connecting audio and video equipment. They allow you to make easy connections, eliminate hanging cables and unsightly holes in your wall by installing your cable to the faceplate.

How audio and video faceplates work?

Audio video faceplates are compatible with RCA, audio jacks, VGA, USB, HDMI connector and many other types of audio and video connectors. The back end of the connector joins a cable that runs inside the wall. Audio and video devices such as computers and home theatre systems are then connected to the faceplate with the corresponding type of connector. Faceplates typically come in mono-port to multiple-port configurations to suit different applications.

What are audio and video faceplates used for?

Audio and video faceplates help to maintain and organise connections such as HDMI ports in your home theatre system. They are important features of audio and video installations in classrooms, home theatre systems, studios and other environments where multiple connection ports are required in a single faceplate.

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