Speaker Connectors

Loudspeaker connectors are DIN connectors or circular connectors with a ring of metal surrounding an arrangement of pins that are plugged into a socket. Examples of loudspeaker connectors include plugs, cables, splitters and sockets. These connectors are the linking parts to connect loudspeakers to amplifiers.

What are loudspeaker connectors used for?

Loudspeaker connectors are robust and durable which makes them suitable for both industrial and professional audio use. These connectors are most common in the music, broadcasting and telecommunication industries.

Types of loudspeaker connectors

Loudspeaker connectors come in a variety of categories including:

  • Panel type connectors, which are mountable and designed for high currents and inductive loads, with an airtight, 'male' pattern design.
  • Cable type connectors with robust plastic shell and chuck-type cable clamps. These use slot / pozi combination screws to simplify installation.
  • Touring type connectors are made of metal for use in heavy duty applications. These have built-in sealing rings to provide weatherproof protection and are primarily used outdoors.
  • Chassis connectors enable bi-amped systems with only one output connector per channel to be wired with 2-core cables.

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BrandITT Cannon
Female 3 Straight - Panel Mount Zinc - - - 20A - - -
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BrandITT Cannon
Male 3 Straight - Cable Mount Zinc - - - 20A - - -