Field RJ45 Connectors

Field RJ45 connectors are ruggedised forms of the common RJ45 connector standard most often used to carry Ethernet connections in a networking context. The RJ45 standard utilises an eight-pin plug or jack connector interfacing to twisted-pair CAT standard cabling.

Why use field RJ45 connectors?

Compared to standard RJ45 connectors, field RJ45 connectors incorporate environmental shielding and strain relief into both the connector–cable and connector–socket interfaces. These features allow the RJ45 standard to be used in applications where the wiring system will be exposed to dust, vibrations, water and mechanical stress, depending on the type of field RJ45 connector chosen.

Features of field RJ45 connectors

Typical features of field RJ45 connectors include cable entry seals to prevent environmental contaminant ingress from the cable to the connector, and screw-terminated shields around the RJ45 interface itself to transfer loads independently of the electrical connections, as well as providing robust sealing from the environment. Field RJ45 connectors are available both as cable–cable interconnects and and as panel-mounted sockets depending on the intended use case.

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Description Price Gender LAN Category Shield Type Mounting Type Orientation Contact Material Contact Plating IP Rating Socket Type Length Width Depth Diameter
RS庫存編號 709-9773
Female Cat5, Cat5e - Panel Mount Straight - - IP67 Square Flange 52.02mm - - 33.78mm
RS庫存編號 706-0201
Female to Female - - Panel Mount Straight Phosphor Bronze Gold over Nickel - - 36mm - 35mm -