Industrial & Automation Circular Connectors

Industrial & Automation Circular Connectors are heavy-duty connectors that are typically used in tough environment. These connectors can be used in automating processes and industrial applications. Some of our range boast high IP ratings, making them brilliant to design into high moisture environment. Circular connectors for industrial and automation are multi-pin connectors that are typically based in a plastic or metal housing.

Our range of Industrial & Automation Circular Connectors are easy to mount and get your project running. Typically our connectors come pre-built, however, we do offer a range that needs to be crimped and built.

Commonly used sizes:

  • M12

  • M8

  • M23

  • M9

  • Miniature

What are Industrial & Automation Circular Connectors used for?

Typically they are used for data transfer, electrical signal transmissions, or for powering electrical devices using different connector standards. In some cases, circular connectors are designed to carry multiple types of data with power. These types of multi-pin connectors are used for simultaneous power and signal transmission.


  • Factory & Industrial Automation

  • Manufacturing

  • Process Control

  • Industrial networking

  • Measurement and instrumentation

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Description Price Number of Contacts Coding Gender Mounting Type Plug/Socket Connector Size Termination Method Shell Size Current Rating IP Rating Contact Gender Voltage Rating Mating Type Body Orientation
RS庫存編號 695-6886
4 - - Cable Mount Socket M12 Screw M12 3A IP67 Female 150 V Bayonet Angled
RS庫存編號 695-6902
4 - - Cable Mount Plug M12 Screw - 3A IP67 Male 150 V Bayonet Straight
RS庫存編號 185-7623
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