Industrial Interlocks

Industrial interlocks are surface-mounted outlet sockets made from hard plastic housing with a socket cover. They're designed to enhance electrical safety in industrial applications, but can also be used in commercial environments.

How do industrial interlocks work?

Industrial interlocks provide a safe connection through a mechanical interlock. This ensures the safe operation by preventing actions such as the switch from closing if the plug is not inserted, the extraction of the plug if the switch is closed or the opening of the socket outlet cover if the switch is closed. The power plug can't be withdrawn with the switch in the 'on' position, which prolongs contact life.

What are industrial interlocks made of?

The housings of industrial interlocks are moulded from a range of materials such as thermoplastic plastic and rubber, aluminium or PBT (polybutylene terephthalate). This means they're insulated, strong and durable. There's also a continuous polyurethane gasket between the lid and base. The units may be splash proof or watertight.

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