IEC Connector Adapters

An IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) connector adapter is a device that facilitates the connection between two incompatible electronic interfaces without the loss of function, power or performance. The adapter converts the attributes of an electrical connector by modifying the power or signal characteristics of the incompatible IEC connector.

What are IEC connector adapters used for?

IEC connector adapters are used by international travellers to enable the use of electronic appliances that are incompatible with plug outlets in the host country.

These adapters are also typical in factories, toolrooms and production plants that use imported equipment with incompatible connectors.

Types of IEC connector adapters

IEC adapter connectors are available in three main product types:

  • Twin bloc adapters, which allow a single source to power two pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Screw terminal adapters in which no plugs are required and the equipment connectors are screwed into the adapters
  • Three-way adapters that can power equipment, inverters and converters at the same time

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Description Price Adapter Type Current Rating IEC Inlet Type IEC Outlet Type Number of Inlets Number of Outlets Shuttered Switch Type Voltage Rating
RS庫存編號 211-0682
C14 x 1 to F x 2 10A C14 Type F 1 2 Yes None 250 V ac
RS庫存編號 173-9766
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C14 x 1 to F x 2 10A C14 Type F 1 2 Yes None 250 V ac