Networking Faceplates & Outlets

Also known as wallplates or outlet covers, networking faceplates are plastic or metal plates used for Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 ethernet cable installation. They organise and keep network cables out of reach, so are ideal for use in residential or commercial settings. Choosing the right networking faceplate depends on the application, the number of switch openings and the number of gangs. 

How do you fix networking faceplates?

Networking faceplates are a simple but essential part of cable installation. They're available in a number of configurations, with single, double or quad outlets for Cat5, Cat5e or Cat6 network category inserts. You can punch down most network cables or BT telephone cables into a faceplate using a punchdown IDC tool without any need for soldering. All networking faceplates and outlets come with mounting screws and cable-identification labels.

Types of networking faceplates

There are a range of networking faceplates available in registered jack 45 interface types, (RJ45) and local area network (LAN) categories including Cat5, Cat5E, Cat6. They work with unshielded twisted pair (UTP) shield types, which are the most common cable types used in network systems. 

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Description Price Type LAN Category Number of Outlets Shield Type Interface Type Entry Angle Number of Ways Shuttered Length Width Depth Series Series Number
RS庫存編號 815-9664
製造零件編號5 723 03
Outlet - 1 UTP - Straight 1 - 22.5mm 45mm 33mm - 572303
RS庫存編號 815-9677
製造零件編號5 721 71
Outlet - 1 STP - Straight 1 - 45mm 45mm 32.3mm - 572171
RS庫存編號 815-9670
製造零件編號5 726 71
Outlet - 1 STP - Straight 1 - 45mm 45mm 32.3mm - 572671