PCB Connector Kits

PCB connector kits contain the elements needed to create electrical connections on printed circuit boards. The kits include different types of connection, such as jumper wires or crimps, and sometimes the PCB housing as well. They are often used to test out different circuit configurations to see what works best for your needs.

What are PCB connector kits used for?

PCB connector kits contain a number of connections, and these can then be connected to the printed circuit board using thePCB housing. They have a range of applications, which can be as diverse military and aerospace applications or as simple as creating prototypes in a workshop.

Types of PCB connector kits

PCB connector kits differ mainly in the types of connection they contain. The connections may be male or female, and can utilise different methods of connection, such as crimping or soldering. They usually do not contain the tools needed to do the connecting, for example crimping tools.

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