Automotive Connectors

Electronic connectors for use in automobiles have to be tough and reliable. As they are often placed in parts of an automobile that are open to the elements, they are typical very well sealed against dust ingress and moisture, and usually have a good degree of heat resistance. Also, due to the vibration factors of being installed in a vehicle, the connectors will often have secure locking systems built into the plug and socket to prevent unwanted disconnect.

The RS range of automotive connectors contains various connector kits to suit the requirements of those in the automotive industry, as well as relevant accessories such as insertion and extraction tools. This rugged range of automotive connectors can be used with most automotive wire harnesses, whether bike, car or caravan, with some especially suited to motocross and boating.

Features and Benefits
• Environmentally Sealed
• Secure Mating
• Heat Resistant Properties
• Easy to Assemble Connector Kits Available

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Description Price Number of Contacts Type Gender Number of Rows Current Rating Mounting Type Series Colour IP Rating Termination Method Diameter Height Width Depth
RS庫存編號 122-1722
個 (以毎袋:100)
8 - Female 2 - Cable Mount GT17 - - - - - 15.6mm 22mm
RS庫存編號 824-4949
/個 (每包:5個)
8 - Female - - Cable Mount GT17 - - - - - 15.6mm 22mm