Heavy Duty Power Connector Kits

Heavy duty power connector kits consist of everything you need to create a secure assembly and mating of machinery and equipment. The kits include plug housings, bulkhead enclosures, male and female inserts and cable glands. Heavy duty power connectors are robust products able to withstand repeated use. Their silver plated contacts offer longevity when using high power.

Why choose heavy duty power connector kits?

Heavy duty power connector kits allow you to easily purchasing all of the necessary parts, without having to select each component individually. A range of connectors are included in heavy duty power connector kits. You'll find standard plug-in connector combinations with metric or PG cable entry threads and screw- or push-in connections.

What are the different types of heavy duty power connector kits?

Heavy duty power connector kits are available in a range of formats to reflect end-user needs. They include connector kits, MC module kits, panel socket kits and surface mount kits. You can choose from various voltage ratings, thread sizes and pole formats.

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Description Price Number of Contacts Series Current Rating Gender Kit Type Pole Format Thread Size Voltage Rating Kit Contents Range
RS庫存編號 219-140
整套:1 個
10 C 146 E 16 → 22A Female Connector Kit 10+PE M25 400 V Gland, Hood, Insert -
RS庫存編號 219-291
整套:1 個
64 C 146 D 10 → 15A Female Connector Kit 64+PE M25 250 V Gland, Hood, Insert -