MMBX Connectors

MMBX connectors are used to make board-to-board connections, providing a high degree of flexibility for radio module and communication applications. They ensure reliability by maintaining performance while coping with mechanical misalignment in both radial and axial directions. MMBX connectors make multiple connections and complex stack ups possible by working with adapters between series. 

Why use MMBX connectors?

New cellular technology demands miniaturisation and modularity. The MMBX series of connectors contain a range of board and cable connectors which only need a small amount of space. The robust connectors offer all the necessary characteristics to obtain a unified design of the various systems. They have very high frequencies, good return loss values and the smallest board-to-board distance. 

What are MMBX connectors used for?

MMBX connectors can maintain excellent electrical performance even when exposed to radial or axial misalignment. They are used for a wide range of applications that include multiple board-to-board connections and sophisticated stack-ups in radio module applications amongst others. MMBX connectors are durable with around 100 mating cycles and low engagement force.

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RS庫存編號 547-770
製造零件編號R223 424 000W
Female Straight Solder Surface Mount Gold, Nickel - - 0 → 12.4GHz Gold over Nickel Brass 50Ω