QMA Connectors

A QMA connector is a coaxial radio frequency connector, which operates in the multi-megahertz range. QMA connectors maintain the shielding barrier in electrical applications. The interface or communication link happens via snap lock mechanisms.

QMA connectors offer easier, faster and safer coupling operations resulting in significant time savings during system production. The snap lock function of a QMA connector makes it easier to mate and de-mate connections, and allows for connector coupling in tight spaces. The packaging density is higher than in SubMiniature version A (SMA connectors) because no torque spanner is necessary when fastening the coupling nut.

What are QMA connectors used for?

QMA connectors are used in outdoor applications such as wireless communications, transmission systems, portable radio systems, air traffic control, and assemblies for mobile radio base stations. They have a high vibration and impact tolerance and can also be used in defence and the industrial sector.

Types of QMA connectors

Standard QMA connectors include:

  • Cable connectors, which are used for flexible as well as semi-rigid cables
  • Panel connectors with straight flange, bulkhead, screw-in or press-count receptacles
  • Printed circuit board connectors, which offer through-hole and surface-mount technology for antenna applications

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Male Right Angle Crimp Cable Mount - Nickel RG174, RG188, RG316/U 50Ω - - Gold Brass