DIN Rails

DIN Rail is a metal strip rail commonly used for mounting industrial control equipment inside equipment racks and enclosures. There are many types of DIN Rail available many of which conform to European (EN) and international (IEC) standards, in order to match with the control equipment the rail is intended to secure.

Types of DIN Rail
There are four common DIN Rail types:

  • Top Hat (EN 50022) - This 35mm wide rail is also known as TS35 rail. The EN 50022 standard specifies both a 7.5 mm and a 15 mm deep version.
  • Miniature Top Hat (EN 50045) – Also known as TS15 rail, this is a smaller version of the standard Top Hat rail, with 15 mm width and 5.5 mm depth.
  • C Section - Also called a TS-32 rail. The cross-section of C section rail looks like the letter "C", the curved rails feature a symmetrical appearance.
  • G Section (EN 50035) – This rail features a G-shaped cross-section with a curved asymmetrical appearance.

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Description Price Compatibility Length Width Height DIN Rail Type Material
RS庫存編號 705-5760
製造零件編號0 367 92
毎盒:5 個
- 280mm - 7.5mm - Steel
RS庫存編號 705-5757
製造零件編號0 367 90
毎盒:5 個
- 130mm - 7.5mm - Steel
RS庫存編號 705-5751
製造零件編號0 367 91
毎盒:5 個
- 180mm - 7.5mm - Steel