Crimp Butt Splice Terminals

Crimp butt splice terminals are tube-shaped connectors with two crimps for joining wires in-line. They typically consist of a metal tube that's usually encased in an insulated covering. Crimp butt splice terminals can be used to either change, lengthen or repair conductors in an electrical circuit.

How do crimp butt splice terminals work?

Crimp butt splice terminals are attached by inserting the stripped ends of two stranded wires into both ends of the terminal. A crimping tool is them used to crimp both ends to ensure a tight connection between the wires.

Types and applications of crimp butt splice terminals

Crimp butt splice terminals are used for electrical connections in numerous industries, including in automotive, commercial, industrial and marine applications. They come in various sizes to suit different wire sizes and can be categorised into two main groups: insulated and non-insulated. Insulated crimp butt splice terminals are usually colour-coded to indicate the size of the wire with which they're compatible.

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