Solder Blade Terminals

Solder blade terminals are a type of single wire connector used in electronic and electrical equipment for connecting wires to circuit boards or other electrical components. They are also known as ’quick disconnect’, ’quick fit’ or ’tab’ terminals, and are similar to solder tab terminals.

You’ll find these terminals very easy to use. They have one or more pins or blades, which slot into the holes in PCBs (printed circuit boards), for example, and give you a separable connection, with no need for tools or soldering. Blade connectors provide a low resistance connection using a flat conductive blade that slots into a blade receptacle.

Types of solder blade terminals

Solder blade terminals come in a variety of configurations and sizes to fit different interfaces. They are usually made of phosphor bronze, or brass with tin or nickel plating for conductivity.

What are solder blade terminals used for?

These terminals are used in switches, speakers and a variety of other electrical and electronic devices, to connect power, signal or control functions, typically to a circuit board.

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- - - - - - Phosphor Bronze Tin over Nickel
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