D-sub Connector Kits

D-sub connector kits include a range of parts relating to D-sub connectors, a common type of electrical connector usually used in computing . For example, D-sub connectors are used to make a connection between a monitor and a PC.

Applications for D-sub connectors

Another common use for D-sub connectors is as a video connector. Other uses include connectors for printer cables, computer game controllers, network ports and multi-channel audio recording systems.

D-sub connector kit components

With a D-sub connector kit, you'll have all the components you need to make or repair your D-sub connector. Whether you need a new D-sub connector, or replacement parts, choose from a range of D-sub connector kits, with components including:

  • Connectors – these usually have nuts that accept screws and are used to lock the components together and offer mechanical strain relief.
  • Hood – the exterior shell/casing of the connector, usually made from a hard and durable metal such as zinc.
  • Screws and inserts – for securing parts together.

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Description Price Number of Contacts Kit Type Housing Material Body Orientation Contact Plating Kit Contents Contact Material Series Series Number
RS庫存編號 885-9011
37 D-Sub Connector Plug Steel Straight Gold over Nickel - Copper Alloy DCUH -
RS庫存編號 885-8961
15 D-Sub Connector Socket Steel Straight Gold over Nickel - Copper Alloy DAUH -