Micro USB Connectors

Micro USB Connectors are a miniaturized version of the normal/standard USB connector (Universal standard bus). These connectors are becoming more and more popular as they are designed for smaller devices like phones and mp3 players etc.Although these connectors are miniaturized in size they still allow high-speed data transfer. The Micro USB has now been adopted by most manufacturers worldwide ( with the exception of apple ) The micro USB is now scheduled to replace mini USB connectors in many different types of portable devices, including cell phones and PDA's.Applications- Mobile phones - PDA- Digital Cameras- Digital video cameras- Vehicle battery chargers- Photo printers Types of USB Connectors Type A -This type is flat, with a rectangular interface that is found on most USB cables. This interface holds the connection in place by friction which makes it very easy for users to connect and disconnect. Type B - This type is almost square, found on powered devices that connect to a computer ie scanner or printer.

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Description Price Gender Mounting Type USB Type Body Orientation USB Version Current Rating IP Rating Voltage Rating Series Contact Material Termination Method Minimum Operating Temperature Maximum Operating Temperature Series Number
RS庫存編號 172-5362
個 (在毎卷:1500)
Female Surface Mount B Right Angle 3.0 1.8A - 30 V ac - Phosphor Bronze Solder -20°C +85°C -
RS庫存編號 136-0888
個 (在毎卷:3500)
Female Surface Mount B Straight 2.0 1A - 30 V ac ZX Copper Alloy Solder -30°C +85°C -
RS庫存編號 136-0887
個 (在毎卷:2000)
Female Surface Mount B Straight 2.0 1A - 30 V ac ZX Copper Alloy Solder -30°C +85°C -