USB Connector Accessories

USB Connector Accessories play a vital role in securing and lifespan different type of USB Connectors. Whenever there is a requirement to provide a waterproof accessory or dust might be an issue, our extensive range of accessories, including our own branded RS PRO is giving you peace of mind.

To find an appropriate accessory for your device, you need to know the type of USB plug, Cable, Adapter to create a controlled environment for the main component. In our offer, you will find specific accessories, such as:

Types of Accessories:

  • Dust Cover/Cap (both male and female) for use with USB-A, B or AB, made of silicone rubber, plastic, aluminium or nylon, covering IP64/67 or 68 rating standards ensuring you have the cleanest and most efficient connection.

  • Bottom/Top Cover ideal for USB Plug Connectors (micro) characterising of compact design and high reliability, allowing high-speed data transfer.

  • USB Hood is compatible with USB-A, B and USB Plug and Connectors.

  • Waterproof Cap perfect for USB Receptacles Connectors Types A and B.

  • USB Adapter provides robust metal housing protection against shock and vibrations, achieving a rating of IP64 serves as a high degree of protection against liquids or dust, meaning ideal candidate for harsh environments.

  • Shell Connector made of nickel, for use with USB Type C, is the next generation accessories providing a reversible interface for easy mating and exceptional locking.

Ensuring that your chosen accessory is compatible protects your device. Whether it is a charger, an audio interface, computer or connector hub, USB accessories can ensure you are working with reliable and protected connections.

Our extensive range of USB Connector Accessories went through careful selection so that you can purchase with full confidence.

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Description Price Accessory Type Series For Use With Gender IP Rating Material Socket Type
RS庫存編號 211-0239
USBCharger 5TG2 USB - - - -
RS庫存編號 211-0238
USBConnectionSocket 5TG2 USB - - - -
RS庫存編號 211-0248
Cover 5TG2 USBCharger - - - -