Flat T Brackets

Flat T brackets are devices that provide the basis of support for equipment such as 19 inch racks, allowing them to be mounted onto a wall or other surface. They are named for their shape, which resembles the capital letter T. They may come supplied with screws that allow them to be affixed.

How do flat T brackets work?

Flat T brackets are placed against a wall and then screwed into it. They can be used in corners and attached to other brackets to form a support structure, thereby allowing a rack to be mounted there. They can also be used to reinforce weaker structures such as wood.

Types of flat T brackets

Flat T brackets can vary in size and material, depending on the specific task they are to be used for. The bracket will usually be made of some type of metal, and may then be plated or coated with a different material for additional strength or prevention of rusting, for example.

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