Door Bolts

Door bolts can be fitted to the surface of doors, gates and windows to secure them and offer extra protection where required. They are also known as gate bolts, flush bolts, sliding bolts or barrel bolts. Types of boltsSliding BoltsThese bolts have a catch which they slide into, which can be mounted to the frame to secure access. Sliding bolts are fixed by screws, offering an easy installation option with minimal damage to the material underneath. Some of these bolts will be padlockable and some will also have combination locking availableBarrel Bolt – Barrel bolts are similar to sliding bolts. The barrel bolt lock has two main parts: a sliding metal bar and a catch plate. The catch plate is mounted on the door frame opposite the sliding metal bar or bolt. The bolt slides inside the opening of the catch, which physically blocks the door from being opened until the bolt is retracted. Most barrel bolts have a round bolt but there are models that have a flat sliding bar. These bolts are used frequently on stable doors.Barrel bolts can be installed both horizontally and vertically so they are useful for sheds and storage units as well as doors and gates Flush Bolts – Commonly used on French doors where one of the doors is inactive for most of the time but the other door closes and locks into it. The hinges are on the outside and the doors lock in the centre. Flush bolts are recessed into the door edge and slide upwards or downwards into the jamb to secure the door

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