Rope thimbles are used for forming hard reinforced eyes in wire rope loops. To create the loop, the thimbles are placed inside the loop to retain the shape and secured in place with a ferrule or wire rope grip. Thimbles provide a long lasting surface which supports the eye and reduces wear on the wire.How to Create a LoopA loop in a wire rope is easy to create with a thimble. Loop the cable around the outer groove of the thimble and secure with either a ferrule or a wire rope grip. The free end of the wire passes back through the ferrule and is pulled in tight. When the wire is in place around the thimble, use a crimping/swaging tool to compress the ferrule firmly onto the rope.Why Do I Need a Thimble?Thimbles can be used in many applications such as cranes, elevators and winches. As they are ideal for use with high performance steel wire rope, they are widely used in the marine sector. Thimbles are a great choice for use in harsh environments and can deal with both light and heavy-duty applications.Types of ThimblesThimbles come in various materials such as pressed steel, stainless steel and plastic. They usually have a polished, cast, untreated, galvanised, painted or electro-plated finish depending on the environment they are to be used in.

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Galvanised Steel 11mm