Linear Motion Components

Linear motion components impose the precision needed to move an object along a straight line. They include both brackets and sliding elements to which equipment can be secured. For operations that require extreme accuracy, high-quality linear motion components are crucial.

Types of linear motion components

A wide range of linear motion components includes guide elements, tubular linear units, guide wheels, profiles and more. The most commonly used components are linear slides, ball splines and ball screws. Ball splines and ball screws use a spline nut or ball nut to achieve smooth movement along a linear shaft

What are linear motion components used for?

Linear motion components are used in a range of applications from medical equipment to heavy industrial machinery. They're also used in videography, manufacturing and robotics. The components provide positioning tools for engraving, pressing, milling and other measurement systems. Other uses for these components include computer-to-plate systems, biomedical sample handling and grinding applications. Every system that calls for precise movement along a straight plane will require linear motion components.

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